Repair your Latex Catsuits and Outfits Yourself!

Latex repair kits without the fancy price tag including everything you need to learn how to fix latex catsuits and other latex rubber repairs with step by step instructions and video to guide you through. Don't see the colour you need? We may be able to make a special kit for you, get in touch via our contact form! Worldwide shipping available.

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Stricken Designs Latex Rubber Repair Kits

Welcome to Stricken Designs

Hi, I'm Stricken and I've been repairing and making my own gear for a long time now, and have helped a lot of people repair rips and tears in their latex for over 5 years. I constantly get asked 'How do I fix a hole in my rubber catsuit?' and 'How do I reattach a zipper to latex?' so I thought why not make a latex patch kit with detailed instructions and videos to guide you through the process. You can find various different latex patch kits depending on what you are repairing. Any questions ask me in the contact form or through twitter (link at the bottom of the website) We are based in Manchester, United Kingdom, the home of the Manchester Rubbermen and in my opinion the rubber capital of the world!

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